2nd Best practice and experience from Spain

General information


Name of the good practice CDTIC (Centro Demostrador TIC, ICT Demonstrator Centre)
Name of the organisation or institution in charge of the project Amtega (Technological modernization agency of Galicia)
Address, City Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain)
Country Spain
1st project year 2011
Is the project ongoing? (time alive) Yes
The good practice is to be found at web.address https://cdtic.xunta.gal
Website of the organisations https://amtega.xunta.gal/
E-mail cdtic@xunta.gal


Short description of the project, of the method

The ICT Demonstrator Centre (CDTIC), is an initiative that promotes the digital transformation of Galician SMEs, as a key skill to improve the efficiency and competitiveness.

This initiative began in 2011, and throughout this time more than 500 activities have been made, collaborated with 400 ICT companies and trained more than 3500 companies have demanded the service.

From the start, almost 10 years ago, its high demand by companies for training and demonstration of technologies stands out, as well as its great reception by collaborating companies, which manages to bring all people interested in technologies closer to quality non-regulated training.

From this initiative, others have been born, such as:

  • ICT Map: business repository, which allows to locate at regional level, all the companies related to technologies.
  • CDTIC virtual: section of the CDTIC where it is possible to use applications without having to install them.
  • Speed up ICT: more specialized training oriented to companies’ managers.


Structure and Scope:

The ICT Demonstration Centre is a regional centre where new technologies and ICT developments are shown to interested people. The Centre is located in the centre of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela.

The Centre works with small groups of people, never more than 100, to give a closer treatment. Also, the training courses of general interest are transmitted by streaming to facilitate access to knowledge.

Main objectives:

The main objectives pursued by the CDTIC are:

  • To promote the digital transformation of Galician people and companies.
  • To promote the development of the Galician ICT market.


General objective

The main objective of the CDTIC is to learn, show and demonstrate to adult people and companies the benefits how the technologies can help them and the benefits to use.

To benefit and improve digital skills in Galician society, thus avoiding the intergenerational and intercultural digital division.


Target groups – participants

The CDTIC bases its courses on adults, both employed and unemployed people. It focuses the courses on the needs identified by the CDTIC’s own team and by the demands made by society.

That is why it is so successful, it relies on new technologies, eliminating the barriers of distance to improve knowledge.

The centre works with open groups, in which everybody can attend (until the capacity is full) and more closed groups, oriented to people with a certain profile, these courses are aimed at improving more specific skills.

The target groups in large numbers between 2011 and 2019:

  • More than 560 activities
  • More than 400 cooperating companies
  • More than 3300 demanding companies.


Which resources were necessary for the project?

The ICT Demonstration Centre consists physically of a classroom with a projector and computers for the students, and an infrastructure to be able to broadcast the training sessions by streaming.

However, the most important aspect of this initiative is not the infrastructure, the most important aspect is the network generated around the Centre by the companies and people who collaborate with it, as well as the name generated, and the attendance of the students.


Why it has been selected as good practice

With this good practice we want to highlight the importance of the real need for ICT in both adults and companies. This fact is evident with initiatives like ICT Demonstration Centre (CDTIC), and its growth, its demand and its training offer.

The practice has been selected due to its great impact on Galician society, which is evident in the data offered. More than 500 activities, more than 400 cooperating companies, and more than 3300 demanding companies.