1st Best practices and experiences UK/USA

1st Best practices and experiences UK/USA


Name give the Method:

Cyber-Seniors Program – Teens teaching Seniors how to use the Internet

Presentation/Description of the method:


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Final comment:

It might not be what we consider as a “methodology” but we were very inspired by the idea of motivating young people to become involved in teaching seniors IT skills and competences.

In Denmark it is “hot” to young people to become “volunteers in social work”. For many good reasons.  However, the young people are also very much aware, that it is good if they are able to write in their curriculum vitaes that they have been volunteering or are involved in volunteer work.

I think in most areas it will be possible to establish contacts with young people at age 16 to 20, either at upper secondary high schools or different other local activities for young people.


Perhaps the conclusion on the Danish contribution is, that the developed methodologies should more be “thè methodologies” to raise and establish the opportunity for all seniors to get into a learning process. And the ambition perhaps should be to raise so many personal resources, that seniors more or less can have a 1:1 learning process.