Training program for IT trainers of seniors

Training program for IT trainers featured

Project partners are currently working on the development of the training program for IT trainers of seniors.

The training program will be targeted on the needs and lack of competences and skills of IT trainers, so as to become experts in training older people.

It will contain useful tips on how to organize a training for teaching IT to seniors, and also will increase their knowledge and skills so as to be able to implement a range of innovative techniques and methods in the classroom.


More specifically, the training program will consist of five general modules and five specific modules.


The general modules are:

  1. Presentation of training program for IT trainers
  2. Presentation of curricula for IT training for seniors
  3. The role of the IT trainer for seniors – working with target group
  4. Trainer’s education plan – preparation and conducting
  5. Practical example of the training – piloting the program


The specific modules are:

  1. How to teach seniors
  2. Motivation
  3. Digital security
  4. Electronic interaction
  5. Payments, purchases and internet buying


Professionals with expertise from Greece, Slovenia, Denmark and Spain are collaborating for the development of the educational material. The training program is foreseen to be ready until October 2021.

Stay tuned to learn more about the training program!