2nd Best national practice and experience from Greece

General information


Name of the good practice “All together we can do it in knowledge”
Name of the organisation or institution in charge of the project

Non-Profit Organization “OLOI MAZI BOROUME”

Cyber Security International Institute – CSI Institude

Address, City 20 municipalities in Greece
Country Greece
1st project year 2018
Is the project ongoing? (time alive) Yes
The good practice is to be found at web.address







Website of the organisations



E-mail Each municipality had different e-mail for submitting applications

Short description of the project, of the method

The non – profit organization “OLOI MAZI BOROYME” and the CSI Institute, in collaboration with the Greek Union of Municipalities, join forces with the aim of offering senior citizens around Greece the opportunity to learn computer skills, free of charge, as well as access to secure browsing of the Internet.

The initiative started on October 2018, with monthly courses, which also included two hours of instruction each week. The courses were taught by specialized staff and attendees had access to computers.

On 18 October 2018, NGO “OLOI MAZI BOROYME” posted a call for IT teachers, with bachelor in Computer Science, to participate to the project and teach the seniors during the training courses.

Until today, training courses took place to the following 20 municipalities all over Greece:

  • Municipality of Athens (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Alimos
  • Municipality of Maroussi (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Vrilissia (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Glyfada (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Elliniko-Argyroupoli (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Kallithea (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Kifissia (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Palaio Faliro (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Papagou-Cholargos (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Peristeri (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Penteli (Region of Attica)
  • Municipality of Alexandroupoli (Region of Eastern Macedonia)
  • Municipality of Arta (Epirus Region)
  • Municipality of Kalamaria (Region of Central Macedonia)
  • Municipality of Karpenissi (Region of Central Greece)
  • Municipality of Kissamos (Region of Crete)
  • Municipality of Rethymno (Region of Crete)
  • Municipality of Chania (Region of Crete)

The training courses were implemented the following periods:

  • 1st period: November 2018 – December 2018
  • 2nd period: January 2019 – February 2019
  • 3rd period: February 2019 – March 2019
  • 4th period: November 2019 – December 2019

Each course had maximum 30 seniors as participants.

In total, almost 2.400 seniors were trained all over Greece, from the beginning of the project (November 2018), until today (December 2019).

Upon completion of the course participants received a certificate of attendance.

General objective

Main objective of the project was to offer to senior citizens around Greece the opportunity to learn computer skills, as well as access to secure browsing of the Internet


Target groups – participants

Target group to this project were seniors (people over 55 years old) without any knowledge in how to use computers and/or new technology. Moreover, participants should be residents to the municipalities where the courses took place

For the recruitment of the participants NGO “OLOI MAZI BOROYME” and municipalities did the following:

  • Posts to several portals
  • Posts to social media
  • Articles to their websites
  • Press releases


Which resources were necessary for the project?

For the implementation of the project, the following resources were necessary:

  • PCs and tablets
  • Classes for the IT lessons
  • Wi-fi connection
  • Specialized personnel: IT teachers with bachelor in Computer Science


Why it has been selected as good practice

Non-Profit Organization “OLOI MAZI BOROUME”, supports life – long learning, by training senior citizens in computer skills. This project has been selected as a good practice, for the following reasons:

  • As Slow Learning project has as secondary target group elders who want to learn how to use new technology, also “All together we can do it in Knowledge” project is focusing to people over 50 years old, who want to gain or upgrade their digital skills.
  • NGO “OLOI MAZI BOROUME” gave effort to select experts in IT to be teachers to the courses. These teachers implemented methods and techniques focusing in how to teach computers to adults and especially to elders in better and most suitable way.


Final comment

The project was a very interesting and effective initiative in Greece, in helping seniors to gain knowledge in using computers and browse to the Internet with security.

We don’t have any evaluation in the techniques and methods teachers used and if participants believed that they were the best ones. We know that teachers were selected according to their experience and their expertise, but there is no information about the specific teaching techniques they used. There is also no information if teachers were trained in how to teach elders new technology before the implementation of the courses. But the fact that the project in on going and more courses are expected to be implemented to the following months, because lot of seniors have already expressed their interest in participating, makes it obvious that the project is a successful one.