Job Profile of IT trainers of seniors

Job profile of IT trainers featured

The 2nd output of our project, Job Profile of IT trainers of seniors, is currently being developed by project partners.

The Job Profile will be a tool for IT professionals and trainers and adult training organisations which will describe the skills and competences needed when training older people in new technologies. Also it will give information on specific techniques which can be used during training.


Contents of the Job profile will be:
  • Required qualification and skills
  • Knowledge and experience needed
  • Competences of IT trainers for seniors
  • Responsibilities of an IT trainer
  • Duties of an IT trainer
  • Special characteristics and needs of seniors
  • Training techniques for seniors


The Job Profile is foreseen to be ready soon and it will be available on our website in English, Greek, Slovenian, Danish and Spanish.

Stay tuned for more news about Job Profile!