Interviews for Slow Learning

slowlearning interviews

Interviews with training institutions, organisations and colleges will take place in all partners’ countries on March 2020. The reason is to explore the situation of IT trainers for seniors.

Each country, participating in the activity, will conduct five interviews at national level, following a specially designed semi-structured interview, consisting of open questions. The interviews aim at collecting qualitative aspects and insights on practices/tools in teaching older people.

The aim of the interviews

The purpose of this activity will be to explore the most effective tools and practices needed to fulfill successful training of older people in IT. The partners will interact with experienced training providers, in order to understand what they consider these tools and practices as most effective and how to become successful and reach that level.

The results

The results will be used as the main input for the design of the next activity in the form of an online survey. Through this survey, partners will try to reach a quantitative confirmation on what successful training providers proposed as the most effective tools and practices and so to structure the compendium accordingly. Moreover they will be presented here online, but also on the partners meeting. It is essential these interviews to be carried out with experts on the field!

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